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Hands On Art

Art opens a door to creativity, sensory integration, and communication. In the creation of art, the child is able to determine the outcome of the project, leading to a sense of accomplishment and self-determination.  Art develops fine motor skills, it can help the child tell a story or express an emotion, and it can allow for the discovery of new talents.  Art therapy also provides another opportunity to learn social skills through the sharing of supplies, talking about the individual art projects, and the completion of cooperative projects.

Art provides another opportunity to support our students as it encourages language development through vocabulary, storytelling, narrative language, and expressive language.  Art can also improve sensory integration through fine and gross motor development, tactile activities, and spatial awareness.  Art is also integral to the general academics at Arbor School and is used to teach history, concept of scale, creative and critical writing, problem solving, and creativity. 

Art is an incredible time to enhance socialization skills.  Through group projects, discussions, and our spring art show, our students are able to improve their communication skills, to understand how to work in groups, and to learn to compromise.

Additional benefits of art include the opportunity of our students to express their emotion through art and empathy.  One of the interesting outcomes of our art program is a result of the fact that our art teacher is color blind and makes that known to our students.  There have been several discussions regarding this fact.  Through these conversations, our students have gained a greater understanding that they can be whatever they dream to do.