Welcome to The Arbor School of Central Florida.   We pride ourselves in offering our students the opportunity to learn and grow in a caring, understanding environment.

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About us and our philosophy



A Great Education is our Goal.

Our Mission,

is to provide a customized therapeutic/educational experience to help every child achieve their full potential.

Our Vision,

is to provide a highly regarded student-centered school, for special needs students ages 5-22, and to actively contribute and serve the special needs community of Central Florida. 

How we achive success.

The most important thing any one person can do to improve the lives of children with autism or other special needs is to accept them for who they are and to celebrate their talents. Too often they are judged as low functioning, unable to learn, or severely behaviorally impaired, when in fact they are on sensory overload, frustrated by an inability to communicate, or being asked to perform a task that developmentally they are not ready to do. The culture of understanding and acceptance at The Arbor School helps to foster each child’s self-esteem, allowing them to truly shine.  In this atmosphere, children know that they are safe, cared for, and understood, which in turn provides confidence to increase academically, improve socially, learn to self-advocate, and develop leadership skills.

The lives of the children can be improved through the availability of the supportive therapies such as OT, Speech/Language, and Music. These therapies are vital to the development and well being of children with disorders like autism. Having these therapies built into our curriculum contributes both directly and indirectly to the school culture. Teachers benefit by improving their understanding of the children they teach by being able to recognizing triggers, developing effective teaching strategies, and establishing classroom management techniques, etc. Of course the children benefit directly from the therapies but also from an informed culture. Within an accepting and nurturing environment with the supportive therapies, children with autism can develop to their full potential and have amazing lives.