Welcome to The Arbor School of Central Florida.   We pride ourselves in offering our students the opportunity to learn and grow in a caring, understanding environment.

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            The mission of The Arbor School is to provide a customized therapeutic/educational experience to help every child achieve their full potential in life.


Primary K -8 School

Sensory-Based Classrooms

Our school works with children, primarily those with autism, sensory processing disorder, down syndrome, and other learning challenges, in grades K–8. Your child receives an individualized curriculum that gives them the ability to progress and learn. In addition too highly personalized academics, as needed students receive:

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Music Therapy
Cognitive Learning

Cognitive learning is used at The Arbor School to help our students to understand and fit into different social situations. Many people with autism lack the social awareness to read social situations. By setting up rules, the child or adult can then be more successful in different settings such as work, school, or other public places. Reducing the stress and anxiety can help the child or adult function more effectively in social situations and prevent an ongoing cycle of anxiety and awkwardness.

Classroom Technology

While technology can be a useful tool for our students, it has to be controlled and used carefully. IPads are becoming commonplace for communication and provide language support for both the nonverbal and language delayed child. Computer and learning software can provide a visual learning tool that aids in reading, math, and social skills. 

Socratic Method

     Using the Socratic method of learning, the students are encouraged through conversation to explain their reasoning behind      answers with questions such as "how did you come to that answer?" and they are praised if the answer is reasonable              and logical. The back and forth discussions allow for the students to create thoughts and opinions, defend their answers          using logic, and develop problem solving skills. Through the use of multi-sensory, Socratic methods, our students are able        to experience their learning and gain a deeper understanding of the concepts being taught.

   Schedule Snapshot

    The school day begins with a PE class to get the students ready for the start of the day during homeroom. After the warm         up, the learning starts with first period classes in the scheduled subject. The primary program stays within one                           classroom throughout the day, while the middle school rotates into the classes for each subject. During the day, the children     will attend varying subjects from the basics such as math, science, and reading but will also learn through therapeutic               activities and social interaction.

Individually Tailored Learning Experience

These components are utilized in combination to help your child with their learning abilities, social skills, and language skills. A typical learning experience at our school also includes:

  • Small Classroom Size
  • Small Group Instruction
  • Sensory Sessions