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The most important thing any one person can do to improve the lives of children with autism or other special needs is to accept them for who they are and to celebrate their talents. Too often they are judged as low functioning, unable to learn, or severely behaviorally impaired, when in fact they are on sensory overload, frustrated by an inability to communicate, or being asked to perform a task that developmentally they are not ready to do.

The culture of understanding and acceptance at The Arbor School helps to foster each child’s self-esteem, allowing them to truly shine.  In this atmosphere, children know that they are safe, cared for, and understood, which in turn provides confidence to increase academically, improve socially, learn to self-advocate, and develop leadership skills.

The lives of the children can be improved through the availability of the supportive therapies such as OT, Speech/Language, and Music. These therapies are vital to the development and well being of children with disorders like autism.

Having these therapies built into our curriculum contributes both directly and indirectly to the school culture. Teachers benefit by improving their understanding of the children they teach by being able to recognizing triggers, developing effective teaching strategies, and establishing classroom management techniques, etc.

The therapies are critical, but the children benefit directly from an informed culture, an element that's sadly too often limited or completely missing in many schools. Within an accepting and nurturing environment, and along with supportive therapies, children with autism can develop to their full potential and have amazing lives.

A typical learning experience at our school includes:

  • Small Classroom Size
  • Small Group Instruction
  • Sensory Sessions

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Our Mission

The mission of The Arbor School is to provide an individualized educational, therapeutic, training and support experience to help people with disabilities achieve their full potential in life.

Our Vision

Though commitment and empowerment, all people with disabilities will be active, contributing members of the community.

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Our Values

• Integrity
• Honesty
• Respect
• Accountability

Switching To Arbor

We make the your child's transition to Arbor easy!

Click through the steps below to see what's involved!

We're here to help you ever step of the way! Please click or call to get started!
    Tour Our School

    Call (407) 388-1808 to schedule a visit to Arbor, or send us an email.

    IEP & Documentation Review

    We'll review your child's IEP, evaluations and documentation, then meet with you to discuss.

    Student Sceening

    We get to meet your child and show them around Arbor.


    Your child has the opportunity to spend some time in one of our classrooms to see what it's like to be a student at Arbor.


    If we're a great fit, we let you know!

    Apply For Scholarship

    The process to become funded for your child's future at Arbor School is completed online.

    The Next Step Is Yours

    Meet Our Staff

    The Arbor School of Central Florida's employs nearly 30 staff, including administrators, therapists, teachers, and teaching assistants. We provide instruction for students from middle and primary school up to high school and transition. Therapies include Occupational, Speech & Language, Music Therapy and Art. All teaching staff at Arbor School Florida hold Teacher Certificates, a 4 year degree, and/or extensive experience in their field.

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    Arbor School News

    The Arbor School of Central Florida is listed on GuideStar, the world's largest nonprofit organization registry. View our profile.

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    The Central Florida Foundation works with families focused on giving back, nonprofits and across public and private sectors to bring philanthropy to life.

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    Arbor School participates in the John McKay Scholarship and Gardiner Scholarship programs. For more information, click here.

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      “The Arbor School has provided a great environment for our son. They are results-oriented, in a nurturing environment, with excellent teachers who are extremely patient, kind, and skilled.”
      The O'Reilly Family
    • account_circle
      “…our son has come so far! He’s not the same kid and we owe it all to Arbor School. Thank you Ms. Wendy and Everyone at Arbor School of Central Florida!”
      The McCabe Family
    • account_circle
      …our son has never been happier since he's been at Arbor. With the other schools he attended in the past, it was always a struggle to get him to go every day. At Arbor, he is excited and happy to go every day. Thank you!”
      The Roberts Family
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      “I finally found the right fit! My son has only been at Arbor for one year and has learned more than he has over the last several at a different private school for students with learning disorders.
      The Behrens Family