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Wendy Blair Article Published

Winter Springs, FL.- On April 24th, published an informative article written by our very own Wendy Blair. Wendy goes into the benefits of a school using a learning management system and how it helps all involved including the students, parents and teachers of the school.
Enable Communication and Collaboration With School Stakeholders With This Unique LMS by Wendy Blair

For large schools with hundreds and hundreds of students, it makes sense that they need learning and student management systems for record keeping and communications in one place, but it might not be as obvious why smaller independent schools need similar tools. In addition to organizing a multitude of aspects of school life, the learning management system (LMS) has tremendous potential that reaches far beyond daily task and information management.
Educators and school leaders might not think about technologies like an LMS as a tool that can also help build an online school community. For example, an LMS frequently enables students to have mobile conversations with their peers and teachers outside of school to ask about homework and grades; gives a place for teachers to update and manage classroom information and student information; and allows parents to stay involved and play an active role in their child’s education.

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